Since his earliest youth Alberto (64) has been a painter. When he was twelve years old, he had his first exposition. It was his greatest passion apart from his work in the newspaper world.

Alberto is a self-taught man. Since 1990, he has dedicated himself entirely to this passion. Besides paintings, he makes also large wooden panels, which he paints and which he calls sculptures. He finds the inspiration and concentration for his work in Southern Europe: Spain, Portugal, Italy (Naples and Sicily, c.a. years), and Turkey (the last 7 years).

Up to 1997, he painted a large number of works, which have Southern European monumental churches as subject. During and after his stay in Italy his work has become more abstract. This tendency continues in Turkey (1998). Many of his paintings have mosques (Camiis) in an immense space as central topic.
Alberto’s work is characterised by a certain religious orientation. This has always so, since his earlier work. He sees important similarities between Islam and Christianity. The essence of both religions is much the same. And that is reflected in the buildings of both religions.

2006 Galerie Buuf, Amsterdam
2008 Lambertikerk, Zelhem
2008 Espace Art Gallery, Brussels
2009 LDC protestantse kerk, Utrecht